Analyzing and discussing primary source documents

Document 1: The Stamp Act Resolutions (If you are interested in reading all of the Resolutions passed by the Congress, check the link on the Content page)

Document 2: The Declaratory Act of 1766
As you read each document identify and be prepared to discuss the information that addresses the following points. Keep in mind that answering the following questions does not constitute an essay. This information must be incorporated into your essay.

Document 1 is an extract from the Resolutions that were passed by the Stamp Act Congress in 1765. You are being asked to Note the line of argument.”

In order to do this you must examine each statement separately and determine what it is proposing/arguing.
The next step is to identify how the statement that follows is related to the preceding statement. How is it being used to validate/argue for the view,opinion, or rationale being presented.
Next discuss how these resolutions reflect the attitudes toward local affairs developed during the preceding century.

Document 2 is an excerpt from the Declaratory Act of 1766, passed by Parliament. To complete the discussion for this document you must address the following questions:

How does Parliament refute American claims?
How does the Declaratory Act reflect the English view on the nature of empire, as opposed to the view held by most colonists?
Identify all of the information that pertains to each question, including supporting details
Identify all of the concepts that relate to this topic and make sure that you incorporate them into the discussion.