Anatomy-a comparison/analysis of the evolution, function, and structure of the hearing appartii (bones, etc) of reptilians versus mammalians

Basically, the purpose of this paper is to track the evolution, structure, and function of the hearing apparatii of the reptilian and mammalian groups. I want to see what similarities there are between them, and how selective pressure from the environment (since clearly mammals and reptiles have different needs and live very different lives) have caused divergence in the evolution and function. The paper should be divided into sections. The first should outline hearing in general, its purpose, and how hearing is achieved (basics) in the two groups of interest. The next section should discuss the evolution of the hearing region, what migration of bones etc. lead to the development in both cases. The third section should discuss the funtionality of this region, and how it is different between the two groups and what pressures may have caused divergence in their evolution. The fourth section should raise some interesting questions/responses to why this paper is being written–why be interested? And then lastly a fifth section that reiterates the two groups, the overall evolution of the hearing region, and the implication for further research/study.