Ance Lessons in Multicultural Primary Norwegian School: Childrenas Voices about their Flow Experiences in Dance

I have already written some chapters for my thesis (methodology chapter, findings, and a little bit of introduction and conclusion) that need to be looked at and edited if there is a need. My problem was to write a theory background and to connect it to the findings from my fieldwork.I tried to categorized my data using Csilszentmihlyis Theory of Flow. However, somehow I need to explain my data using other theories like multicultural theory, theory of socialization,GardnerThe theory on multiple intelligences and Bourdiews theory of capital.. I am also open for other theories if there is a necessity..
I will upload my written pages as an instruction, however, if everything will be ok, I would like to continue work together and I will put new orders to finish my thesis, including editing my written pages.