Ancient political theory with modern political theory.

Write a 3 page paper (double-spaced, standard borders and font) on the following topic. Please read the topic carefully and consider your own view. The questions provided are meant to prompt your own thinking. Do not answer the questions as if in a list. This will not earn you a passing grade. You may consult the discussion forums if you like.

Use a word processing software to write the paper, then attach it to this assignment. Please make sure that you save your file with a .doc, .docx, .rtf, or .pdf ending. There is no guarantee that I will be able to open any other file type.
In this paper, I would like you to compare and contrast ancient political theory with modern political theory. Specifically, I want you to consider the similarities and differences between Plato and Aristotles understanding of justice and political philosophy, on the one hand, and Hobbes and Lockes understanding of justice and political philosophy.
In order to make this more specific, you can take one of the following options:
Compare and contrast one of each of the modern or ancient philosophers, e.g., Aristotle and Hobbes or Plato and Locke.
Summarize a general theory of justice as expressed by Plato and/or Aristotle. Compare or contrast this with a general theory of justice as expressed by Hobbes and/or Locke.
Pick a topic of interest that is discussed in Plato or Aristotle and compare that with something in Hobbes or Locke.
Examine a passage from Hobbes or Locke that reminds you of something from Plato or Aristotle. Explain the connection you see in these passages by referring to the general theory of each author.
Consider a contemporary political issue and discuss how Plato or Aristotle and Locke or Hobbes would respond to this issue. What differences and similarities do you note in the way they treat the issue?
Citations: You may use up to two external sources for this paper. These could be encyclopedia articles that I have linked to in my notes (except for Wikipedia articles) or they could be something that you have discovered on your own. In either case, I need a complete bibliographic citation for each reference at least once (this means: author, title, editors if any, publication information, and page numbers if relevant). You only need to provide this information once, in a Works Cited page or a footnote (you may use any standard citation format as long as you are consistent). References to Hobbes may be given parenthetically as in (Hobbes, 84).