And Hygiene: A Frequently Missed Lifesaving Opportunity During Patient Care.

This is the first draft of your final paper. This assignment must include the following criteria: 1. Write a thesis statement that is well stated and in complete sentences. The thesis statement must include three (3) well defined supporting points. 2. Develop an outline. The outline should include all required parts of the essay and written in complete sentences. The outline should be well thought-out and follows a logical development. Follow the assignment instructions carefully and include the following criteria: 3. The body must contain three (3) fully developed paragraphs, each discussing a supporting point in depth. Each paragraph is well thought-out and follows a logical development. 4. Paragraphs must include one direct quote, one personal communication citation, and one paraphrase. Cite each according to the correct APA format. 5. Include a reference page that reflects all of the sources used within the text. The list should be in APA format. Authors alphabetized by last name of author, double spaced, and have a hanging indent. 4. The draft should have no errors in grammar or punctuation.