And washing in a health care setting : is Alcohol gel as effective as hand washing in a hospital setting


Is Alcohol Gel as effective as hand washing in a hospital setting.?

Taking into account the 5 Journal below, Illustrate as much as you can, and reference each journal as it relates to the above question in the written essay.

All other references used as part of the essay should not be older than 4 years
PS. Essay would be ran thru Turnitin

Journal one.
Healthcare workersi?? compliance with glove use and the effect of glove on hand hygiene compliance.
Flores A; Pevalin DJ; British Journal of Infection control, 2006 DEC;7 (6): 15-9
Journal 2
Interventions to improve hand hygiene compliance in patient care.
Gould DJ; Drey NS; Moralejo D; Grimshaw J; Chudleigh J; Journal Of Hospital Infection, 2008 Mar; 68 (3) 193-202
Journal 3
Outbreak of Serratia Marcescens in a neonatal intensive care unit: contaminated unmedicated liquid soap and risk factors.
Buffet-Batalion S; Rabier V; Betremieux P; Beuchee A; Bauer M; Pladys P; Le Gall E, Cormier M; Jolivet-Gougeon A; Journal of Hospital Infection, 2009 May 72 (1); 17-22

Journal 4
Systematic patientsi?? hand disinfection: Impact on methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus infection rates in a community hospital.
Gagne D; Bedard G; Maziade PJ; Journal of hospital infection, 2010 Aug; 75 (4) 269-72

Journal 5
24 hour observational study of hospital hand hygiene compliance.
Randle J; Arthur A; Vaughan N; Journal of hospital infection, 2010 Nov; 7 (3) 252-2