Andbook Assignment (Accounting Principals and etiquette)

Instructions for Writing (In Your Profession) Handbook Assignment

Create a handbook of at least fifteen total pages on the subject of writing in your own major and/or career field. For example, a business major might create a handbook on the topic of a?Writing in Businessa? or a?Writing in Marketing.a? A sports management major might create a handbook on the topic of a?Writing for Sports Information Directors.a? You should imagine the handbook being used by students within your major, professionals working in your career field, or both. You may take a broad approach, or you may create a handbook on a specific aspect of your major/career field. The handbook must focus on writing and it must relate to your major and/or career field.

At minimum, the handbook must contain the following:

1. A title and a title page or cover page. Each page of the handbook must contain a page number.

2. A table of contents.

3. A quick guide to citations and research as it applies to your major/career field.

4. A proofreading guide.

5. Two sample documents. These documents should be examples of types of documents that are commonly produced by individuals working in your career field or major. Consider all aspects of your career field. You might consider job postings, memos, charts, logs, data entry, employee evaluations, and many other kinds of documents.

6. An introductory chapter or section that provides an overview of writing in your major/career field.

7. A chapter or section on audience and purpose as it applies to writing in your major/career field.

8. A chapter or section on how technology and/or digital media has affected writing in your major/career field.

The title and title page/cover page should serve as the first page of the document, followed by the Table of Contents. The introductory chapter/section should appear immediately after the Table of Contents. Organize the rest of the documents in a logical way that enables readers to find information quickly.

The handbook should be single-spaced. Paragraphs should be left-justified. Do not indent new paragraphs. Use headings and other organizational tools throughout the handbook.

Use APA format or a format appropriate for your discipline. Include a References page for any sources, examples, or other materials referenced in your handbook.

You may include footnotes or a notes page, but you are not required to do so.

Consider using the handbook you analyzed in the Handbook Analysis Assignment as a model for organizing and formatting your own handbook.

You should consult at least three credible sources. One of these sources may be the handbook you analyzed in the Handbook Analysis Assignment. You may draw on additional research and reference materials as necessary. Include a correctly formatted References page.

Due date:
Rough Draft: see course schedule; the rough draft of this assignment is worth 20 points
Final Draft: see course schedule.

This assignment is worth 300 points.

As noted above, consider using the handbook you analyzed in the Handbook Analysis assignment as a model for creating your handbook.

Consult additional brief handbooks or quick guides as a way to learn more about how handbooks are often organized.