Andels Hallelujahchorus, from The Messiah.”

Compare and contrast two versions of Handels Hallelujahchorus, from The Messiah.Listen to one version on your textbook DVD, then watch the YouTube video, Christmas Food Court Flash Mob: The Hallelujah Chorusfound at YouTube.

Consider these points in your reply:
–discuss differences in tone color (instruments and voices used). Provide specifics about tone color used for each performance; list and discuss the instruments/voices used.
–how are the vocal performance styles different between the 2 versions? Not the vocal ranges, but stylesBeyonce sounds different from Alicia Keyes, for example. What do you hear that is different in the way the vocalists perform?
–what do you especially notice about the Audiencereactions in the YouTube version? Again, provide specific examples.
–which version do you prefer, and why?