Andhi: His role in the Material Culture of India

This class is : History of Film, Food, and Fashion of South Asia.

This research should be about Gandhi, not a biography and not his political role. Concentrate on material culture, how he was portrayed in the film, his way of holding on to his Indian culture and clothing as a form of rebellion.
The research paper should cover:
a. Short biography about his life and how he affected the Indian culture and society
b. Detailed explanation of this movement in terms of
c. How he was holding onto the Indian culture
d. Gandhii??s Indian nationalism and relate it to the movie
e. Present a clear argument
Primary source: Gandhii??s speeches, and books
Secondary sources: Movie, class articles, and newspapers

Structure and format:
1. Introduction: has to be attention grabbing and very interesting. Include a quote said by Gandhi, and a CLEARLY explained thesis statement
2. Body:
1) First talk about his life in general, who he is, what he did etc. It has to be very detailed but not too long.
2) Then talk about his mission and movement
3) Explain how he was holding onto the Indian culture and tradition especially in the clothing (refer to specific scenes in the movie)
5) Talk about the nonviolent acts he did and how he refused to eat (also refer to movie)
6) Argue whether his movement was successful or not
7) Explain how Gandhi affected the material culture in India and how it was presented in the film, photographs, and speeches.
3. Conclusion: wrap it all up, rephrase the thesis statement, rephrase the argument

1. Has to include 1-3 PRIMARY SOURCES (memoir, newspaper articles produced during that time, political speeches presented by Gandhi himself), and 4-5 SECONDARY SOURCES
2. When citing the materials, there has to be a DETAILED FOOTNOTES OR ENDNOTES as well as a BIBLIOGRAPHY at the end of the paper
3. Make sure you doni??t plagiarize ANYHING and everything should be cited.

* I will attach the assignment instructions and citations instructions
* For the primary sources: use speeches presented by him, articles issued at that time, pictures of him wearing his traditional clothing and explain that and its significance in his movement
* For the secondary sources: refer to specific scenes from the Gandhi movie, refer to the articles I will attach, and ONLY use scholarly sources please.