Anecdotes, running records, and experience plan.

You will need to reflect and interpret 2 observations (1 x infant, 1 x pre-schooler). Your reflections need to identify aspects of development and cultural contexts and be referenced to developmental psychology, early childhood theories, The Early Years Learning Framework and contemporary critical theories where relevant. You will also need to record a follow up provision for each observation that considers early years learning framework and sustainable practices. Your follow up must identify the developmental skills to be extended through the experience.

Across your three observations you should be able to identify developmental skills in the following areas:-

I will attach an example copy of the assignment that needs to be done.
all referencing needs to be based on Australian childcare system and australian laws.

1 anecdote, 1 running record and 3 different experience plans.

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the examples of the anecdotes, running record and experience plan is in the file i uploaded from pages 13 onwards.