Animation technology and its impact on the future

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here is the assignment instructions:

Computer Animation Technology

Minimum 500-1000 word essay plus relative and supporting images (photos, diagrams etc.) on current or proposed technology, methodologies, trends etc. related to computer animation.

Possible Suggested Topics:
1. You might want to investigate a new technology that may impact your future hardware investments (new CPUs, ram, storage devices etc.) that may be a pivotal deciding factor. Who is making them? How will they impact the next generation of computers that we buy?

2. You might look into different techniques of manipulating and rendering hair, cloth, fluids and other materials that may utilize dynamics.

3. You might explore new trends in rendering (Hardware renders vs software renders) and lighting. How has it evolved?

4. Pick a topic that you are interested in based on your final animation projecti?? are solving problems and exploring ideas. Try to relate it back to Maya. Possible examples include modeling techniques, rigs/auto rigs, facial animation, MEL scripting, pipelining, etc.

Things to Consider:
Anything that you might research should relate to what you are doing now in the program and what impact it may have on you after graduation and into your professional life.

Question what you have found (pros and cons, costs, accessible or not, how does it compare to other tech and what does it mean to you and your future?).

Make it worthwhile and important to your course of studies.

-It must have a cover sheet, with appropriate image descriptions (what of and where is image from), footnotes and bibliographies stapled and submitted at the beginning of class. Late papers will be docked 10% per day.

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