Annotated Bibliography) Finding 10 acadamic sources and writing a brief description of those five entries(at least 50 wrods).

Hi, this is Ken who really need your help today.

I am taking a course for CORE and English literature.
And I am learning about cross cultural perspectives in this class.

Yesterday, I got an assignment but I have never tried to do this one. Now, I am just really worried. So, I came here and am asking you, my writer.

This assignment requires that you find ten published, academic sources peer-reviewed journals, books from
academic presses, or university databases about the topic which you choose.

The source can be about either the theory youave chosen to use or the object of popular culture that youare

You must write those ten sources up in a Works Cited list. In addition, you must write a brief description of the
content of those five entries. The description must be at least fifty words, whichever is

Anyway, I really appreciate you and this site. Lets keep and touch on the board.
And I will upload some materials to help you to write this.
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