Answer 5 questions listed below with essays-not short answers use only these references

answer 5 questions listed below with essays-not short answers. They should be at least 750 words, complete with relevant names, dates, and detailed analysis substantiate your response.

1) What was the Enlightenment? Which segments of the population were drawn to its ideas? What was the impact of the Enlightenment on American culture and political life? What role did African Americans play during the Great Awakening? Explain the contradiction between enslavement and religion.
2) Describe the particular characteristics of the ideal wife in the seventeenth century. What were the limitations on womens equality in economic life, church, governance, and social activities?
3) How were Puritan families organized? What roles were assigned to men and women? How was property owned? Described the relationship between parents and children.
4) America became a culturally distinct place from England during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Using information about decorative arts, architecture, clothing, food, language, ethnicity, and race, describe the evolution of this cultural distinctiveness.
5) Prepare an argument that counters the stereotype that Puritans were dour, emotionless, cold, and pious. In your response be sure to provide specific examples that demonstrate their humanness.

below are the listed references, use only these references

Read Nash: Red, White, and Black. Chapter 10,  The Seven Years War and Its Aftermath , pgs. 247-269
Read Reich: Colonial America. Chapter 24, The Second Hundred Years War”, pgs. 266-275 and Chapter 25, The Road to Revolution”, 276 292
Read Kupperman, Major Problems in American Colonial History: Documents & Essays. Chapter 14,  Consumption, Anglicization, and the Formation of American Identity , and  The Dilemma of American National Identify , pgs. 453-465