Answer 6 question about Japanese Economy

docx is all the ten questions.please answer each question. you may can find the answer from this webside and the other to ppt but donT copy from the article and ppt please use your own word to explain the question. just short essay for each question, use own word ,donT need citation

1. compare and contrast the Japanese and the US commercials.
2. Briefly discuss the Japanese way of product developments.
3. Briefly discuss the peculiarities and specificity of the Japanese market.
4. Why vending machine sales are so successful in Japan.
5. Why Japanese investors lost a great deal of money in the US bank in the 1990s?
6. Why japan has a difficult time in attracting global talent?
7. How Japani??s long-term stagnation affects its demographic problems?
8. Briefly discuss the Japanese business practices

Do any six