Answer any one of the following questions

ENGL 1103: 18
Essay #3: Research paper topics
Due: April 2nd or the morning of the final exam (April 14th).
Weight: 25%
Choose one of the following topics for your research essay:
1) In todayE?s economic climate, what is the value of a university education? How does it
compare to a college or training for a trade?
2) What is the impact of stress on a studentE?s education/relationships? Is it a healthy
anxiety that pushes students forward into a motivated work ethic, or does it cripple
3) Taking local culture into account: What role does traditional Cape Breton fiddle music
play in our cultural scene? Has Cape BretonE?s culture been influenced by its
increasing multiculturalism? In what way?
4) Choose your own topic! Ensure that you address a research question that will be
discussed through research.