Answer each question in half a page from the list

1. One of the most interesting psychological issues that Stern raises (at least to me) is the a split in personality that allows religious terrorists to perform acts of violence and still feel themselves to be moral and true practitioners of their religion, an idea that was first suggested by Lifton in his work with Nazi doctors. How valid do you find this idea to be? Why or why not?

2. We often reflexively argue that religious violence is never justified, that terrorism is never justified. Is it? Consider the case of violence against abortion clinics. Ignore the debate about when life begins and take it as given that for the people who carry out these acts it begins at birth, so every abortion ids a murder. Now, consider a hypothetical situation in which the government decides that parents should have one week after birth to decide if they want the child and, is not, that can have the baby euthenized at designated clinics. What would you think about violence against those clinics to put them out of business right now, not potentially after decades of litigation?

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