Answer movie question and summary article

please watch the V for vendetta movie then answer the following question. then read the attachment article and write a one page (300 words) summary of the article written by James Sage

Question1: Do you see parallels between the government in the movie and todays United States government? Do you believe were moving closer the kind of government shown in the film, or away from it? What are the most important differences between our government and the one in the film?

Question2: The character of Vis very complex. Some of his deeds are noble, while others are monstrous. In the film he makes a threat to carry out one specific act on November 5 of the following year. Is that act moral or immoral? Is it useful in a fight against tyranny? Make reference to what Immanuel Kant would think of these acts.

Question3: If a terrorist is someone who attacks citizens and Civiliantargets in hopes of influencing government, is the character of Va terrorist and are his deeds terrorism?

Question4: Do you agree or disagree with the films tagline, People should not be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people”? Why?

Question5: A prominent film critic said that neither governments nor citizens should fear each other; that the ideal was for them both to work together in mutual trust. Is this possible, and if so how can that balance best be achieved? If you believe it isnt possible, explain why.

Question6: At the end of the film, did the ordinary people do the right thing? And why do you believe so? Could they have done something more effective?

Question7: Vstates that Ideas are bulletproof.How would you interpret the meaning of this statement?

Question8: Think about your own reactions to V for Vendetta.What parts of the movie evoked your strongest feelings and why? (These feelings might be anything from tears to cheers to disgust to outrage.) Would you say this is a pointless or confusing film? Just one more forgettable comic-book movie? A cool action flick, but with no deep meaning? Or is this an important film you might want to see again and share with others?

Question9: Is Vs quest for justice justified by any means? Why or why not? What are some alternative plans he could have enacted?