Answer one simple guiding questions sheet.

just answer some six easy guiding questions separately. do not push them together.
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the six questions are:
1.Robbins makes a distinction between what he calls a  political approach and an  apolitical approach to human-environment relations. What are each of these and what is the difference between them?
2.Is an  apolitical approach actually devoid of a political stance?
3.What are the  ecoscarcity and  modernization accounts? Does Robbins classify them as  political or  apolitical ? Why?
4.What is political ecology as  hatchet and what is it as  seed ?
5.What are the four main theses of political ecology? Name and briefly define each one.
6.In a short paragraph, outline Davis s main argument  what s he trying to get us to understand, in your view? In other words, what are the larger political ecological and economic issues that, for Davis, Dubai is representative of