Answer questions according to the readings

1. 3 pillers of whit supremecy (what are they?)-1capilasm justify slavery,2 Genocide &colonism-justify genocide, 3 Orientalism justify war, please axplain each arroding to the reading: smithHeteropatriarchy and the three pillars of white supremacywill upload all the readings

2.Medicalization of demestic violence explain, point Koyoma centers of women of color, survives of demestic violence according to two readings: “1. koyamadisloyal to feminism_abuse of survivors within the domestic violence shelter system 2. rojasmedicalization of DV”

3.Prison Indostreal Complex please define it and explain according to two readings : rodriguezstate terror and second reading is gilmorerace and globalization”

4. Concept of Sisterhood , How is sisterhood define is this article? arroding to the reading Wiseis sisterhood conditional

5.Benal Terrosim, define according to the article and explain here is the name of the article katzbanal terrorism”

6.White women voting regarding affirmative action, just describe it

7.Proportion people incarcitared in US in comparing to other world countries? explain, we have the most incarcerated people in the world ..explain the concept

Single space, no reference required, no title page needed to aswer to this question according to the readings

Here are the readings:
gilmorerace and globalization.pdfkatzbanal terrorism.pdfrodriguezstate terror.pdfrojasmedicalization of DV.pdfsmithheteropatriarchy and the three pillars of white supremacy.pdfwiseis sisterhood conditional.pdfkoyamadisloyal to feminism_abuse of survivors within the domestic violence shelter system.pdfDownload all