Answer questions ethical implications of incidental

1. What is Danielle Ofris main argument(claim) in Ethical Implications of Incidental Findings”? (Look in the second to last paragraph.)
2. What is the support (grounds) for the claim?
3. In the seventh paragraph, Ofri states she was called before a Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues panel. This provides evidence that she is an authority on the subject, which is an appeal to ethos. Where else does she appeal to ethos?
4. In paragraph five and six, she discusses how an incidental finding affected her patients. This is another appeal to ethos as it shows she has first hand knowledge of the affect on patients. This is also an appeal to pathos because we feel emotion for the patient. Where else does she use pathos to present the complicated nature of incidental findings? What emotions are they meant to inspire?
5. What are the main concerns with incidental findings? Are these concerns logical?
6. In your opinion, is it a persuasive argument? Why or why not?
7. In your opinion, what is the responsibility of the medical professional? Does it change depending on the position: doctor, nurse, attendant?
Please read this article and answer the questions directly