Answer questions for the Rogers Chocolates Case (managerial policies and strategies class)

I attached the case on the Rogers answer the following question. But be precise and brief,strictly sticking to the point.
1. what is competition like in the premium chocolate industry?
a.for the competitve forces
-Substitutes”-primary consumers (people who eat premium chocolate) and people who buy chocolates for gifts
-Buyers”-individual consumers and wholesale chains
-Suppliers”-packaging and raw material.
b. denote each of the (resultant 8) competitive forces as weak, moderate, or strong, and list the arguments for your choice in bullets.
c.finally, in summary state whether or not the conditions in the industry are favorable for above-average earnings and why.

2. what are the underlying drivers of change in the premium chocolate industry?

3. what key factors determine success for producers of premium chocolates?

4. what does a SWOT analysis of Rogers chocolates reveal about the prospects for companys future success?

5. how well is Rogers chocolates strategy working in terms of the financial performance it is delivering?

6. which of the strategic options available to Rogers chocolates should be given the highest priority?why?(not more than one paragraph)