Answer the following questions for class Operations of International Business try to make it short but not to short.

What is Globalization? How has it affected the world?
1-Why do large companies internationalize? Why do small & medium-sized companies internationalize?
2-What are key characteristics of the American culture?
3-What are the differences between an individualistic culture and a collectivist culture?
4-Whatas one way to know how corrupt a specific country might be?
5-Know the 4 main types of legal systems?
6-What are ways that we measure a countryas economic performance?
7-What is the VERY important anti-corruption law that can land an American in jail?
8-What are motivations for global corporate responsibility?
Unit 1: International Business Strategy
9-Where do you need to start all international business strategy discussions?
10-What are Porteras 5 competitive forces?
11-Know the Product Life Cycle and be ready to discuss how it affects international operation decisions?
12-What is Blue Ocean Strategy? Know how it applies to growing companies.
13-Know the 2 most common business strategies and why you canat use them together?
14-What are the pressures to globalize/standardize vs. pressures to localize?
15-On only a very high level, know the differences between the four International Business Strategies?
16-Important: Entrepreneurial companies leverage both their internal competitive advantages as well as external competitive advantages from their strategic partners?
Unit 2: International Market Entry
17-What decisions related to resource allocation does a company need to make once they decide to go international?
18-To scan opportunities, a company needs to develop a company-specific criteria to evaluate potential markets?
19-What are some examples of possible criteria (opportunities and costs) to consider?
20-What is the difference between a Consolidation Market Entry Strategy and a Diversification Market Entry Strategy?
21-What do you call it when you decide to leave an international market?
22-What are the 11 market entry modes? Which ones are lowest risk and which ones are highest?
23-As risk increases, what other factors increase at the same time?
24-Know what circumstances you would likely use each market entry mode.?
Unit 3: Global Marketing
25-Know the 5 Global Marketing Orientations and the main situations where they apply?
26-Generally, what size companies seek mass markets and what size seek niche markets?
27-What are the two main ways to segment your market?
28-What does a firm need to consider altering in its products in order to be able to sell them in international markets?
29-Define marketing promotion?
30-What are push and pull promotions?
31-What are the advantages and disadvantages of standardizing product promotion?
32-What should you look for in choosing an international distributor?
32-When should a company handle their own distribution instead of outsourcing?