Answer the three questions about Public Economics

1. Read Part Six of The Economics of Public Issues edit 17 (chapters 24-27.)
2. Answer the following questions in essay form (do not simply just answer the questions.)
a. What kind of unintended consequences were discussed in this section of the book? Pick at least one and discuss a way that you could correct the problem. What unintended consequence could be a result of your policy fix?
b. Do you feel that market-based solutions or command-and-control solutions result in the most efficient outcomes? Use evidence to support your claim.
c. Do you believe that a market economy can support a sustainable ecological system?

Instructions: Respond to the prompt above. Part of the prompt has a correct or incorrect answer while the other part of the prompt is more of an opinion question. I do not take points off for a?incorrecta? opinions as long as you have a reasonable defense for your opinion. You will be graded on how well you respond to the prompt in terms of economic understanding.

– Use a Calibri 11 point font (or similar.)
– Use 1a? borders.