Answer two question. each question need one page.

Answer 2 question.
Question 1
In this module, we learned about the differences between groups and teams. Groups focus more on delegation and putting together individual parts, while teams focus more on collaboration and acting as complementary parts. We have all worked on group projects in school, sometimes as a team, but perhaps more often as a group. In our CRQs, we discussed whether our last group project was a group or a team project and why.
Now that you know more about the differences between a group and a team, do you think there is anything you could do to change a group into a team? That is, if you are working on a project and realize that your group is not functioning as a team, could you do something to change the dynamic of the group? If so, what could you do? What would be the most difficult part of this?

Question 2
In the article, Creating the Best Workplace on Earth by Rob Goffee & Gareth Jones, we read about their proposed 6 imperatives that make up the organization of your dreams. The authors acknowledge that they sound like common sense; incorporating each of those things into a company will make it a place where employees WANT to work. However, for each of the imperatives they touch upon factors that lead organizations to fail to embody all 6 of them.
Thinking as a leader of an organization, which do you think are the most critical of the six imperatives? If you could only chose a couple to pursue, which would you chose? What makes them more influential than those you didnt chose or what downfalls of those not chosen play most into your decision?

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