Answering each question separately based on the book Paths beyond egosection 8 reading

Section 8 Reading
Transpersonal Psychology
1. Science, technology and transcendence. Can they really co-exist? What does each have to gain and/or
lose from each other?
2. We have gained greater understanding and many medical breakthroughs from technology. What, if
anything, have we given up?
3. What is the a?overview effecta? and the a?universal insight effect?a? What are your thoughts about these
4. According to Wilbur, what are the three eyes to the soul? According to Wilbur, what is thea? problem
of proof.a?
5. Explain the three basic wings of knowledge.
6. What is meant by the term Polyphasic consciousness?
7. According to Ring, what are commonalities shared by people who have had a near death experience?
8. What are the after effects of NDE