Answering questions separately based on book Paths beyond egosection 4 readings

Section 4 Readings
*** Before we begin with direct questions from the text, I want you to consider your own
thoughts, feelings and experiences with drugs (both alcohol and prescription drugs included). Do
you think drugs are bad, harmful, and shameful? What would happen if all drugs were legalized?
What are your thoughts about casual drug use and when does it cross the line to addiction? If you
could be guaranteed a safe experience is there a certain drug you would want to try and why?
1. What role have psychedelics played in history and different cultures?
2. According to the text, what are the dangers of psychedelic drug use?
3. According to your text, what are the benefits?
4. What are the benefits of holotropic therapy?
5. How might oneas opinion of drug use change if they see its use for therapeutic and religious
6. William James experimented with altered states of consciousness though Nitrous Oxide. What
was his unshaken impression with this experience?
7. Name and briefly describe the 4 major types of the LSD experience according to Grof.
8. According to Grof what is a negative COEX system and a positive COEX system?
9. What was Grofs startling realization about birth and death? Do you agree or disagree and
10. In what ways does Grof believe the Chakras, Kundalini and LSD sessions are all similar?