Anthropological gaze and new perspective

Carefully consider the social categories we have discussed in the class (family, marriage,
gender, race, ethnicity, religion, culture, etc). Write a two page response to the following question.


By using the anthropological gaze what one or two specific aspect(s) of your life have you
gained a new perspective on? Please describe the aspect(s) and the change or shift in
perspective AND describe the anthropological knowledge you drew on to shift your

Formatting Guidelines:

Please use the following format:

a? Times-New Roman or another plain font in 12pt
a? double-spaced
a?one-inch margins
a? page numbers
a? your name on all pages
Please name your assignment using the following convention:


e.g. LEE_ExtraCredit2.doc

Points will be deducted for deviations from the above formatting instructions and file
naming guidelines.