Any biology 101 topic i was thinking how does excercise effect the body, it can be on anything.

A BIOLOGY 101 RESEARCH PAPER ON any topic in the course, heres the outline The Research Project will be based on a topic of your choice, but related to the themes studied in this course. You will research your topic and present material using scholarly journals and professional web-sites with authored material (not popular Internet sites), and books to support your thesis statement. In addition to the textbook, you need at least two additional academic resources. You will need to appropriately cite all sources using APA guidelines along with an abstract and reference page.TITLE PAGE (page 1 a not counting towards your total pages): Running head with page number; title in the form of a research question that you actually answer; your name, student ID, and date.

ABSTRACT (page 2 a not counting towards your total pages):Use no more than 150 words and up to three paragraphs to concisely: (a) state the topic and purpose of your paper, (b) your analytical approach (i.e., which of the above methods you are using to analyze factors or discussing important/controversial issues related to your technology topic), and (c) what your major conclusion is (i.e., the answer to your research question which is also the title of your paper).

YOUR CONTENT (2 a 3 pages as listed above): In these pages provide background information, present condition, possible solutions, etc. Regardless of your approach, it is useful to include in this section of the paper the purpose of you paper.

REFERENCE (1 page a not counting towards your total pages): In this section, you are to list every reference cited in your paper according to the APA format. Pay particular attention to the required formatting for web pages, and note that the formatting for books differs from journal articles, and that these differ from newspapers, etc.