Any nursing theory applied into the work setting

either homehealth, woundcare

Theory Paper Grading Criteria

Instructions: Describe a case from your clinical practice or experience that is sufficiently detailed for analysis of the applicability of the elements of a theory of your choice. Discuss the case with reference to that theory or framework using the criteria below. Provide support with citations to justify your answers. Do not use any potential patient identifiers.

The purpose of this paper is to have you apply a theory to practice. To be a learning situation for you, you must select a nursing theory and apply it to a patient situation you have experienced using the criteria listed below.

Criteria Possible Points
Points Earned

I. Provide introduction and purpose 2 ______
II. Case Description
A. Describe the case clearly and comprehensively. 5 ______
B. Relate the concepts of person,
environment, health and nursing as described
in the theory you chose. 8 ______
C. Describe how the concepts of the
theory are related to your case
data. Support your position with references. 8 ______
III. Research Theory Linkages
A. Propose 2 or more questions based on your
consideration of the case data in light of the selected
theory/framework that you would like to see researched.
And give a rationale for selecting those 2 or more
Questions. 6 ______
B. Cite examples from the literature of the application
of the theory to similar situations. 5 ______
IV. Provide conclusions and summary. 5 ______
V. Mechanics
A. Demonstrate appropriate sentence structure,
spelling, punctuation, and grammar. 3 ______
B. Apply APA format accurately. 5 ______
C. Body of paper is 5-7 pages. 3 ______

TOTAL 50 ______