Any pnifit or problim related to Jaguar car company UK

Economics Coursework
this coursework accounts for 20% of the final mark.
Group Presentation 40%
Individual Report 60%

Give a group presentation an individual report of 1000 words on the following.
Chose afirm known to you which produces externalities
Name the product or prouducts the firm makes and the types of externalitis it produces .They may be positive or negative
Describe the production process in detail and what types of externalities are produced at each stage of the prouduction process and who they affect
how does the goverment try to control the externalities?

Are the externalities controlled effectively ? Are there other ways other externality could be controlled? What benefits or drawbacks would this control have on the producer and the consumer?

your presentation should last for 20 minutes.

Your individual report will be 1000 words.

You will need to provide a bibliography of at least 5 references in your report including 3 books and 2 websites. wikipedia is not permitted.

Your report needs to show
logical arguments and conclusions
Proof that you have researched informatiln


Economic theory
Your own opinions and views
A high quality of written English

The require ment to write any problim or any penifet relatting to Jaguar car company