Any topic about Norm Violation (sociology)

I. Assignment:
Violate a norm and write up the reaction of yourself and other individuals to the experience.
a? Steps in violating a norm (worth 10 points):
A. Choose a norm to violate.
B. Choose a situation in which to violate it.
C. Violate the norm.
D. Be creative, original and imaginative
E. Carefully observe yourself and others as the norm violation occurs.

II. Specifics: (outline for the paper; five paragraphs) Worth 80 points:
A. Describe the norm you chose to violate and why you chose it.
B. Describe the setting you chose (physical and social) and why.
C. Describe specifically, how you felt before, during and after the experience.
D. Describe specifically, how other people responded (verbally and/or non-verbally) to the violation.
E. Conclusion (worth 10 points):
1. What did you learn about norms and social control?
2. What did you learn about yourself as a social being?
3. What other observations can you make about the assignment?

III. Limitations:
1. Break any laws or by your actions cause anyone else to break any laws.
2. Cause harm to yourself or anyone else, either physically, mentally, emotionally, or otherwise.
3. Do anything that is legally, ethically, or morally questionable or that could bring negative sanctions against yourself, the department, the university or your instructor.
B. Use your best writing skills! Proof-read your paper, before you submit the assignment.
C. Assignment is worth a maximum of 100 points.
D. Do not have more than 5 pages, and your paper should be double-spaced in length, maximum.
E. The paper should be typed and double spaced, no cover folders (title page is ok).
F. Please be creative and original. Your creativity and originality will increase your chances for a better grade.

IV. Learning Objectives:
1. Understand the informal pressures to conform
2. Understand the sources of social control
3. Understand personal power in social settings