Any topic about the international business

Dissertation proposal introduction,aims and objectives(approx 800) This shoud include: a title, Brief introduction to the topic, Aim and bojectives of the research (be clear and concise-what are you going to research and how will you go about the research?), Primary research question. Consult a variety of sources especially academic journals and books and acknowledges sources appropriately.

Literature Review (approx 2000words) The literature review is a summary of what others have written about your chosen topic. you need to draw out: The main themes, Critically discuss the main issues and theorise that will underpin your research

Research Methods (approx 1200 world) This section requires you to: Describe the object of study, Discuss your research approach, Discuss procedures for your proposed data collection and analysis(whcih may be qualitative, qiantitative or a mixture of both), Evaluate your proposed choice of approach and data collection-why is it most appropriate, what are the advantages and disadvantages of your choice of methods etc. Discuss any ethical issues arising from your proposed research (NB informed consent of participants)

At the end of all three sections, provide a brief conclusion to your dissertation proposal reflecting on what you have learnt and provide a list of references (sources used).

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