Any topic( around the film that particularly interest you.)

Here are a few ways that you might choose a topic to base your handout on:
1: Survey how various motion pictures have portrayed a particular subject(for example, George Washington, earthquakes, Iran, cigars, etc.)
2: Contrast a film based on a real event with what historians or journalists have said about that event.
3: Describe the career of an individual associated with motion pictures(such as an actor, a director, or a writer.) How do you explain their success(or lack of success)?what makes that career worth remembering?
4: Investigate a film-related topic connected to Seattle.
5: Or just follow your own interests (and then connect them back to film)! Some successful HUM110 handouts have been on such topics as cinema therapu; stunt doubles; Mockumentaries”; great fight scenes; primates in films; cosmetics; well….there are uncountable possibilities.
The key here is to take something you personally care about, and find a way to connect it with the study of motion pictures in a way that will be interesting for you to investigate and write about and informative for us to read. If there is nothing you are especially interested in personally, then please pick a question that is socially important(for example, what is known about the effects of violent films on children or in what ways do movies distort our image of the world.) Be sure, to narrow your topic down to a workable size.