Any topic (but please follow instructions closely)

.Assignment #1: Research Methods Paper Due by 10/12 at 11:59 PM: Choose Observational Research, Correlational Research, or Experimental Research. In 1-2 pages, describe the components and process of the research method. Use Strayer University databases or other information resources to find one research study of your chosen research method and attach it with your paper.

Participation in this weekly writing assignment is by writing a brief paper based on the required writing assignment items and uploading your paper into the appropriate week in Blackboard. This assignment should have a cover page, abstract, reference page, include an introduction and conclusion section to introduce the paper to the reader and to conclude what the reader has just read, and headings/subheadings that reflect the required sections of the paper as stated here. This writing assignment will be graded based on the specified Grading Rubric and must be in APA format (6th edition). The cover page, abstract, and reference page do not count towards the number of pages required.