Any topic for analysing the jungle books

This essay is for EnglishChildrens Literature.
The book you should use is The Jungle Booksby Rudyard kipling
published by Penguin Group.
A 5 full page essay must contain at least one Outside sourceto support the argument.
The outside source is recommended using from E-Journal or J-stor web site.
The thesis had better can explain what, why and how (affect).

You can choose one chapter from the book.
The Toomai of the Elephants chapter or Quiquern chapteris recommened.

Professor gave questions for writing which were..
Select and analyze for meaning, one of the ew Mowgli stories(except Rikiki). Analyze it as an independent, self certained narrative first (examing and intrepreting the plot, theme, chracters and symbols). Thus relate it to the general themes/myths in the Jungle books.

How does the story inform, broad, or deep meaing in TJB? What does its independent meaning contribute to TJB narrative? analyze it for significance.

Why is it significant alone and why in relation to the whole?
be sure to put strog these, support with strong argument !”