Any topic in the area of maintenace and reliability

I need to do an independent study of any topic in the area of the maintenance and reliability;
Possible project directions:
Improving a current method, or developing a new method
Applying available methods to a practical problem
Literature review of a specific topic
Suggested Project Topic Areas:
Age-based and interval-based maintenance models
Condition based maintenance in general
System health prognostics
Please, choose one from the range above and should be in maintenance and reliability area and apply the following:
It will be in two parts:
Part 1: Project proposal; and should be 2 pages and include the following: title,brief description, expected outcomes from the work, and work plan.
Part 2:project report should be 15 pages double space, and based on originality, quality of the work, and presentation of the report.

I would like to have the project proposal as soon as you finish it so I can approve it by the instructor and you can continue doing the rest of report and send it by the date specified.

Thank you,