Any topic, just find an dependent variable and independent variable

Admins comments: this is a research paper on some social/health/political/demographic/anything else you like problems/issues/phenomenas. Two of them shoudl be researched. one shoudl be a dependent variable, the other one independent. please stick t the classic structure of research paper. With intro, lit review, hypothesis, and all the following chapters needed. We extended the deadline as much as it was possible for the customer.

This is a social science paper.You will be writing a paper to support the research project you are developing in your labs. Writing the research report is an important part of the research process a disseminating the research findings.

So, you could write this research paper with any topic you want. However, it is very important to have a correct APA style format and have no grammar mistakes.Please let me know if you have any concern. The paper is due very soon, please finish it within 24 hours. Thank you!