Any topic that talk about People , places and Enviroment

each person will prepare a People, place and environment portfolio which will be you individual creation and contain a collection of clippings or copies of visual material that illustrates or describes people, place and environment. sources could be newspaper, magazines, your own photography, or any thing else you discover. most student access images from the internet and incorporate them into the content of the portfolio. you can select any subject that you feel illustrates the relationship of people, place and environment.

organization of the essay:

Follow these organization guidelines of the portfolio to prepare the portfolio:

-statement of focus : the subject or the issue that the portfolio represents ( no longer than 1 page )

content : the actual clippings, copies, or photographs (minimum of 6 ; maximum of 12 )

-Statement of relationship : of the content to people, place and environment (no longer than 1 page )