Argument is the primary form of essay that will be required throughout your college career. The ability to clearly state an opinion and then support that opinion with developed, logical, information is the cornerstone of academic discourse.
For this essay, you will need to write an argument that addresses an interesting and unique argument that is not often discussed, but that you feel deserves greater attention. This can be anything from the need to improve parental rights laws to issues of personal freedom. The issue can be a national or international debate (e.g. international animal trafficking) or it can be local (e.g. road paving in Fairmont (or West Virginia as a whole). I encourage you to think of something that will be fun for you to write about rather than heavy or serious, as it will give you more license to be creative.

You CANNOT use any of the following topics not only do they get significant coverage, but they have been written about ad nausem and I do not want to read any more about them: Abortion, Gun Control, Bullying, Capital Punishment, Gay Marriage, Gay Adoption, Euthanasia (Assisted Suicide), War in Iraq/Afghanistan, School Prayer, Marijuana Use/Legalization, and the Drinking or Driving Ages.

Also, because they are not really arguable topics, you cannot write about child abuse, spousal abuse, animal abuse, etc. If the vast majority of the population would look at the argument and agree with little need to actually convince them, it is not an argument.

In this essay you must clearly pick a side. You must support that side completely with supports that addresses logos, ethos, and pathos (as discussed in class). You must have at least two outside sources and they must be reliable resources, wherever you have found them. Finally, the essay must be a minimum of 1200 words and in proper MLA format, including citation.