Ap Case StudyAnalysis current strategy

Using the attached case study please do an analysis of the Industry Situation: This analysis addresses the nature of the industry as a whole and the factors that affect it.
Here is the outline of the sections:
Introduction: Describe the effect of general environment trends on the focal industry as a whole. General Environment analysis addresses factors outside the industry that may affect the industry as a whole. Evaluate the elements in the broader society that can influence an industry and all of the firms within it. Address each of the six segments of the general environment that are relevant to the industry: (No more than 1 page)

Porter Analysis: Evaluate the strength of industry competitive forces using Porteras Five Forces model. Indicate specifically whether each force is strong, moderate, or weak, and why. Show what impact these forces have on the players in the industry.

Driving Forces: Identify the two or three industry driving forces a the drivers of change in the focal industry, why they are Driving Forces, and how they affect the industry.

Key Success Factors: Identify the three to five KSFas for the industry and why they are KSFas.

Competitive Analysis: This analysis addresses the position of competitors within the industry and their strategic characteristics. How do the major competitors affect the competitive environment? How have they positioned themselves. A Strategic Group Map must be provided and discussed to demonstrate the strategic positioning of the industry players.

Industry Profile & Prospects: Summarize your key findings about the industry drawing from your analysis above, and clarify how attractive the industry is to current incumbents.