Appealing to Mean and Appealing to Women: what we see in Adverting

Compare and Contrast: This assignment requires you to examine similarities and differences between comparable subjects. Your instructor will provide more details on the assignment. The final draft of the essay should be 1000-1200 words.
In this essay, you must demonstrate the ability to present your findings in a sound organizational pattern and with a clearly stated purpose. Use of research information will be required.
This essay will be written in at least two drafts: one rough draft and one final draft.
This assignment asks you to look at a pair of commercials, one for a a?femalea? product, Secret deodorant and the other for a a?malea? product, Old Spice body wash. You are to consider the portrayal of gender roles and to note the use of stereotypes in these ads and to compare the adsa uses of gender stereotyping.