Application essay for applied linguistics master

i meant to write the topic is linguistics but i can not find it on your list. it would be great it someone with linguistics background can work on this order. I have already written down some of my questions. Please see attached file. This order is part of my application for a master of science in applied linguistics and second language acquisition. while this degree focuses on linguistics, it is offered by the department of education. Here is the degree info. I think it is helpful to send you this link because among the 3 essays, i got asked why i want to study there, what i know about the subject and what is my dissertation topic. link for the program. elaborate according to your knowledge on how a research ideas should be. this is not a formal research proposal but should be as specific as possible. i guess no citation is needed for admission essays. General instructions for all 3 questions: i am not a native speaker, so i hope the language is formal, professional, precise. secondly, i rely on your writers research and knowledge to help me to substantiate the linguistics content.