Application of nursing theory to clinical practice paper

Application of Nursing Theory to Clinical Practice Paper
Identify a patient or clinical nursing situation from your practice. Please choose something that related to newborn infant or postpartum situation
Consider an appropriate nursing theory, of your choice, that might be applied to the situation. Provide a brief description of your chosen theory with references.
Apply the theory to the clinical situation.
Approximate length: 56 pages, excluding references and title page.
Use at least two Scholarly Nursing Journal references beyond the textbook, about your chosen nursing theory, other tan the clinical problem.
Use HEADINGS that correspond with the graded sections (Introduction, Clinical Situation/Experience, Chosen Nursing Theory, Application of the Theory, Conclusion, References)
Include Headings in the paper that correspond to the requirement as listed here (Introduction, Clinical Nursing Situation, Experience, Theory, etc)
Points Score Requirement Instructor Comments
Title Page
5% Introduction: Brief summary of the main points covered in your paper
20% Clinical nursing situation/experience: described
20% Theory: Description of your chosen theory
Must not be the same theory as your group presentation
or health promotion paper theories used
20% Theory Application: Application of the theory to the clinical situation
5% Conclusion: Summarize main points covered in your paper. Then discuss what you learned in doing this assignment
10% References: Reference list in APA format. This must include 2 Full text scholarly Nursing Journal articles on your chosen theory, other than the clinical problem
10% Scholarly Writing: Approx 5-6 pages, APA format, spelling, grammar, use Times Roman 12 Point Font, 1a? margins on 4 sides, double spaced, aligned to left side, use headings, insert page numbers
10% Paper corrected to < 15% overall match and no more than 2% in any turnitin cited section 100% FINAL GRADE