Appraisal of evidence for professional practice

1. define the concept of evidence based practice and discuss its important for professional practic (nursing. include research QUALITATIVE AND QUANTITATIVE, quildlines trust or national policies(within the UK) and expert Opinions.

2.CHOOSE HAND HYGIENE: provide a rationale for selecting hand Hygiene within the context of evidence based practice.

3.what evidence you have found what conculsion you come to eg is it qualitative or quantitative,evidence or non evidence based, journal or scientific proven.

4. with reference to the selected aspect of practice (hand hygiene) discuss factors which can facilitate and hinder the implementation of evidence based practice.
I would like you to please use these books:

Brettle A, Grant M (2005) finding the evidence for practice. A workbook for health professionals churchill livingstone

Craig J, Smyth R (2007) the evidence-based practice manual for nurses churchill livingstone.

Newell R & Burnard P (2006) research for evidence-based practice
blackwell publishing.

hospital and national policies in the UK.

nursing journals and articles.