Archaeology See below for specific information

The assignment is to write a paper, that reflects the following:

Imagine that you have just been awarded a large sum of money to investigate the archaeological region of your choice. You are to develop a research design that explains what you are going to do. Where are you going to go? What questions are you going to try to answer? What archaeological sites are you going to visit or compare your data? What are you going to collect? What archaeological methods are you going to use (i.e. excavation, remote sensing, infrared photography)? How are the materials you collect going to be analyzed? Are you going to consult with any specialists or professionals from other fields? What materials will be dated and by which method. Can you say anything about their diet, based on what evidence? Is this group isolated or did they interact with other groups, how do you know this? What can you say about the groups social organization and complexity? What, if anything, can you say anything about their belief system? What media are used and what types of designs or symbols are used that indicate beliefs?

Since this is an imaginary project, pretend that time, equipment, and personnel are adequate. You will be graded on the thoroughness of your research design. You are to provide names of sites, methods or techniques of analysis, and as much relevant information as you can.

As you can see this is different from the ordinary paper so I must have someone very knowledgeable in archaeology. You can select the region of your choice to investigate. Answer all questions thoroughly, carefully and analytically!!! Use all 7 pages.