Architecture theory deleuze, bergson, biophilosophy, vitalism, aesthetics, history

dear writer,

I am stating 20 but it may be more or less. I need to speak with you first as I have some of the chapters already written. My supervisor has already seen some of my writing so I cannot just turn in something entirely new. My problem is that it is very very messy right now and I need to clean it up with your additional text her.

I am going to send you some material soon.. starting with some reading materials so you can get a heads up. I need 20K words written, and IM thinking that may cover 2 chapters. But some of the text may be split into other areas of my existing writing where I may need you to fill in or finish some part. Its mainly a philosophical explanation that needs to be included where I need the most help.

I need someone who is very familiar with Gilles Deleuze and Henri Bergson, and Manuel De Landa and Brian Massumi. Their philosophy expands into the creative field very much.

Its hard to explain all here so lets communicate as soon as we can.

I have been granted 10 days for this, by your HR. so June 6th is when it should be done. Clearly if we can do any portions sooner, Id very much appreciate it. Ill be working along side you to finish the whole thing.