Ard factors of TQM implementation in the Project division at GASCO

This is a Total Quality Managment course. In this report we are going to focus on the Hard factors of TQM in the Project division at GASCO. (Is GASCO implemting TQM ? ) GASCO has QMS ( i will uplaod GASCO QMS manual ). Please cite everything.

write the following:
1. Key research questions, objectives and aims of your report
2. Data analysis (provide empirical evidence linked to your topic from Abu Dhabi Gas industries GASCO. Here you are expected to answer your key research questions and achieve the intended aims/objectives of your project).
3. Discussion and Conclusions (you are expected to reflect on the key findings and more importantly your own learning from the group project and provide evidence that you have achieved the learning outcomes of the course)

The Introduction & the Litrature review are done. I will upload them for you so you get a better idea.

A Visit was done to GASCO and we met someone there. We found Problems/Dilemmas and the solutions

I wrote the problems and solutions. ( I need you to re write them in a better way and in depth details ) the solutions will be in the recommendation part.

is the company implementing TQM
we should have clear Qs
Topic shouldnt be general
visit an orginzation and collect some data
does Gasco implement TQM
answer the Qs and give recommendation