Arden Restaurants Company Deversity, Recruitment, Benefits

1. Provide a description of the companyas diversity policies. This may include race, gender, age, ethnic, disabilities, etc.
Locate one article on the area that has been written either by the company or about it in the area of diversity. Summarize the article and attach it to the assignment to be submitted. (1 page please)

2. Discuss how the company recruits new employees. If they use external websites, identify them. If they use their own website, describe how it is done. (1 page please)

3. This will be the most extensive area of the portfolio. It is because of your companyas commitment to the area of benefits that they made the top 100 list.(74th on the Fortunes magazine 100 best companies to work for 2014)
Provide a list and brief description of the different benefits the company provides employees. This portion may be prepared bullet-style if you find it easier.
Identify which ones you were impressed with because they are not commonly found in other companies. (2 pages please)