Are any human rights more basic than others? does saying that human rights are interdependent conflict with saying that some rights are basic?

These are the ways I might approach this essay; but please dont think that these are the only way of tackling it. Ive given you far, far more than youll actually need; your job is to work out who you agree with or what angle youre going to take.

Okay, the first interpretation might focus on the notion that rights are interdependent:

The main thinkers for rights as interdependent are Henry Shue, Amartya Sen and Jack Donnelly. Depending on your own view, you might argue that they are universal and interdependent, and that economic, social and political rights are inseparable, either politically (as Shue argues), theoretically (as Donnelly argues) or even philosophically/ ethically; for which you might use cosmopolitan thinkers like Beitz, Caney or Pogge. Simon Caneys book (Justice beyond borders or something) also has a section about basic vs. maximalist accounts of rights that I found very useful.

These books can be found online or at the library:
Jack Donnelly:
political ones. For this, look at the comments of Lee Kuan Yew, or read this article:
thinkers here.

Again, I must stress that this might not necessarily be the best approach for you, and I strongly suggest you read as widely as possible around this subject and make your own conclusions about the type of research or conclusions you make about this question.

Hope this help