Are realism and liberalism converging? (paper subject: international relations)

Liberalism and realism: background history
1930Liberalism and Realism very different (with very few similarities)discuss them
Discuss the increase in similarities between new liberalism and new realism
Obtained some ideas from pluralism
New realism: structure of international relationsa states most important
New liberalism: states quite important, but other actors also play a part of importance
Liberalism: Woodrow Wilson, Goldsworthy Dickinson
Realism: E.H Carr, Morgenthau
New Realism: Waltz
New Liberalism: David Baldwin, Keohane
Liberalism: mostly about democracy and peace
Realism: mostly about power, they deal with world as it is
Human nature
Compare :
1The debate between classical realist and classical liberalists
2The debate between neo-realists and neoliberals
Similarities: Both new realism and new liberalism address issues and problems that could disrupt the status quo, namely, the issues of security, conflict, and cooperation
Neo realist theory focuses on issues of military, security, and war/ issues of survival and power
New liberal theorists focus on issues of cooperation and institutions
Differences: view of power.
The four varieties of liberalism that influence contemporary international relations
Commercial liberalism, sociological liberalism, liberal institutionalism
The neo-neo debate

Please read/ include these books:
-Understanding international relations, by Chris brown and Kirsten Ainley

-The globalization of world politics:
an introduction to international relations, by
(John Baylis, Steve Smith, Patricia Owens)

define liberalism and realism
topic sentence then thesis statement
evidence supporting topic sentence
answer the essay question

Main body structure:
classical realism and classical liberalism (compare them outlining their vast differences, how they disagreed)
neo neo debate
neo realism and neo liberalism (compare them outlining the decrease in differencesthey agree on more issues than before)
highlight the overlap between the neo realism and neo liberalism, show that they are converging